Searching for jobs online

Searching on-line will access many opportunities that are simply not advertised in the local papers.  We list here some of the websites that we have found useful. If you have found other useful websites, then please contact us so that we can add them to the list.

Where else can I search for local vacancies?

There are too many websites to list here, but hopefully you will find the following useful:

Most of these websites let you specify a geographic area and you can also search for jobs using keywords.  Don’t use them all – find some that you like and get to know how to use them well.

What about professional, senior management and executive roles?

In addition to the specialist recruitment agencies, there are a number of general search sites worth looking at such as:

Many sites such as these have very good resources such as interview tips and tools to help you build your CV.

Should I register my CV with these websites?

Many recruitment websites will let you register your CV so that in theory recruiters can call you when there is a good match to an opportunity.  There is certainly no harm in registering with some the websites but register with too many and you will lose track of which version of your CV you have registered with who.  However, is extremely unlikely that you will be successful if all you do is register your CV and wait for the phone to ring!!!

Where can I access the internet?

If you do not have access at home, internet access is available at your local library.

Top Tip

If you are serious about finding a job, then you need to regularly (at least weekly) and diligently search a number of quality sites and look for roles where you think you are a good fit.  Each role that you respond to will almost certainly have many applicants so you should focus your efforts on those roles where you can clearly demonstrate that you are a close fit with the requirements.  Always tweak your CV and covering letter to highlight the areas called for in the advertisement.